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BBC Languages

Learn words and phrases in several languages. Site includes facts about the languages and the societies that speak them.

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Let's Talk About It: Making Sense of the American Civil War

The first discussion in the series, Part One - Imagining War, is scheduled for Thursday, March 15, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. in the Arrington Auditorium.

The Birmingham Public Library will host a free five-part reading and discussion series called Let's Talk About It: Making Sense of the American Civil War. In commemoration of the Civil War sesquicentennial, the series encourages participants to consider the legacy of the Civil War and emancipation.

The program Let's Talk About It: Making Sense of the American Civil War consists of group discussion events held at the library on the following works:
  • March by Geraldine Brooks (Penguin, 2006)
  • Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam by James McPherson (Oxford University Press, 2002)
  • America's War: Talking About the Civil War and Emancipation on Their 150th Anniversaries edited by Edward L. Ayers (American Library Association and the National Endowment for the Humanities, 2012)
The series is open to all adults in the community (registration is required) and is led by Dr. Victoria E. Ott, Associate Professor of History at Birmingham-Southern College and author of Confederate Daughters: Coming of Age during the Civil War. ...learn more

Forward March: Facts, Trivia, and Folklore

March! For some of us it’s an unsettling month: no longer winter, not quite spring, even though the official First Day of Spring usually falls around March 20th with the vernal equinox. As we march into March, entertain your brain with some fun facts about our third month.

First of all, March was not always the third month. For the ancient Romans, it was the first month of the year and was named after Mars, the god of war. This could go a long way toward explaining some of the fierce weather that can occur in this month and the familiar saying that “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” It might also explain why one of the traditional birthstones for March is the bloodstone, marked by red flecks against its green surface and sometimes referred to as the martyr’s stone. It symbolizes courage and endurance. But the alternate birthstone is the more tranquil aquamarine with its distinctive seawater blue coloration. Said to confer safety during sea voyages, this could be the stone for you if you’re daydreaming of taking a cruise or simply can’t wait for spring break. ...learn more

College + Basketball = March Madness

Is the NCAA Basketball Tournament the most exciting thing happening in March? In a word, yes! You watch your favorite teams play all season, then when tourney time comes around, their journey starts all over again. Sixty-eight teams will take the floor, but only one will become champion.

The NCAA Tournament has everything: David vs. Goliath, post-play vs. perimeter-play, lightning-quick offense vs. smothering defense, and that’s just the selection show! All the things we love about college basketball are put into a pressure cooker until they explode onto basketball courts around the country. The goal is simple: WIN OR GO HOME!!! ...learn more

March 9, 2012
Birmingham Public Library
2100 Park Place
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
(205) 226-3600

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