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Brands and Their Companies

Consumer information on company brands, U.S. company imports, and products marketed by competing companies. In-library-use-only at the Central Library, Business, Science & Technology Department.

Did You Know?

The Avondale and Central branches house a collection of circulating picture and nonfiction braille books. This special collection got its start years ago when a group of vision impaired children from the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind began attending storytime at the Avondale Branch. The staff thought it would be great if they too could check out books when they visited the library, so a collection was started and there are now 40 books in braille in the Birmingham Public Library system.

Sanspointe Dance Company Presents The Golden Record in a Library Tour

Sanspointe Dance Company will present The Golden Record at three Birmingham Public Libraries between May 21 and May 29. The locations include the Five Points West Regional Library, Central Library, and the Avondale Regional Library. All performances last approximately 20 minutes. The programs are free and open to the public. ...learn more

BPL Archivist Kelsey Bates Conducts

Brown Bag Lunch Program on Grant Writing, May 23

Strategic grant writing should begin long before you consult with any foundations, agencies or individual donors and before you actually do any writing at all. Whether you are trying to build capacity, fund a program, or restore a building, there are several steps you should take to make certain your project gets funding and delivers the results you are looking for. ...learn more

ALS Takes You Out To the Ballgame with a Selection of New Baseball Books

The first known baseball song, "The Baseball Polka," was written in 1858, but it was never as famous as the Jack Norworth 1908 classic "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." On a train bound for Manhattan, Norworth spent all of fifteen minutes writing the lyrics on scrap paper which he then gave to Albert Von Tilzer who composed the music. ...learn more

Staff Pick: The Swerve: How the World Became Modern

The Swerve is the story of Renaissance scholar, Poggio Bracciolini, and the monumental ancient poem he rescued from oblivion in 1417. Monks are burned at the stake for heresy, a librarian is flayed alive by Christian zealots and a piratical Pope is deposed for murder, simony and sodomy. Maidens floating in healing waters catch garlands in their open robes. ...learn more

Four Decades: Photography from the University of Montevallo, a special exhibition created by faculty students from the University of Montevallo's College of Fine Arts, will be on display for one more week through Friday, May 25, in the Fourth Floor Gallery of the Central Library.

May 18, 2012
Birmingham Public Library
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Birmingham, Alabama 35203
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