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Brittanica Learning Zone

This classroom-tested online resource is designed specifically for young learners. Students can choose to Play, Explore, Read, or Draw. Your students will find engaging and developmentally-appropriate activities including an interactive atlas, learning games, engaging audio and video, and effective vocabulary builders. The Britannica Learning Zone teaches concepts such as geography, time, shapes, numbers, and reinforces relevant vocabulary, all in a fun and safe online environment. There is also an area where students can demonstrate their creativity and practice what they've learned.

Did You Know?

May is National Inventors Month, and several Alabamians have been issued patents and lauded for their inventions. George Washington Carver is Alabama's most famous inventor, but Alabama can also claim Mary Anderson, who came up with the idea for the windshield wiper on a trip to New York when she noticed that drivers would have to open their windows when it rained to see the road. Check out these and other patents at the United States Patent and Trademark website, and learn more about the history of inventions at the Birmingham Public Library by visiting BPL's Latest News, Reviews & Info blog.

Devastating Budget Cuts Proposed for the Library

Our City Council will have many tough decisions to make very soon. At the top of the list for us are the distressing cuts proposed to the Birmingham Public Library System’s budget, nearly $125,000 less than last year’s budget and $800,000 less than previous years. The deepest cuts are concentrated in the library’s materials budget, used to buy traditional and electronic books, databases, music, movies, DVDs, and more. This reduction—coming on the heels of previous extreme cuts in this line item—is devastating. Additional cuts to supplies and janitorial services are also very serious and threaten the library’s ability to provide services in a safe and clean environment. ...learn more

All locations of the Birmingham Public Library will be closed Monday, May 28, in observance of Memorial Day.

Friends Host Summer Reading Book Sale, May 28-June 10

With several recent donations, the Friends Bookstore is overflowing with inventory. Beginning May 29, the Friends of the Birmingham Public Library (BPL) will host an “in store” summer reading book sale. What better time to show off the recent renovation of the Friends Bookstore and to connect to the successful summer reading initiatives undertaken by the library system? The sale begins the day after Memorial Day and continues through June 10. Shoppers can expect to find 25% off all books and books-on-tape which are regularly all priced at $2 and below. ...learn more

Summer reading at the Birmingham Public Library kicks off June 1. There will be summer reading prizes and events for children, teens, and adults. Visit BPL's summer reading page for information on registration and programming.

Local Produce Abounds at Birmingham Area Farmers Markets

The month of May is the beginning of one of my favorite seasons: the arrival of locally grown fruits and vegetables at the farmers markets and produce stands around town.
...learn more

May 25, 2012
Birmingham Public Library
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