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Did You Know?

Southside Library

Thanks to Dr. Thomas D. Parke, a founder of Children’s Hospital and a specialist in pediatric diseases, there has been a neighborhood library on the corner of 11th Avenue South and 19th Street since 1945. It was through their deep love of libraries and intellectual pursuits that Dr. Parke and his wife Amy Smith gave their home to the city for use as a branch library. Parke’s endowment also included a generous amount of money for buying books, and partially funded a new building which replaced the house in 1955. This building served the community for
almost 40 years. The present building, designed to complement existing local structures, opened its doors on March 17, 1996.

This is the last week to visit the exhibition Eudora Welty—Exposures and Reflections at the Central Library. This exhibit will be on display in the Fourth Floor Gallery through Friday, July 20

Brown Bag Lunch Program Focuses on Healthy Heart, July 18

A registered dietitian provides updated information on healthy numbers for life relating to heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Learn about healthy eating, exercise, and stress reduction to help decrease your risk for these chronic diseases. St. Vincent Hospital’s Leigh Ann Pritchett, R.D., will present this informative program. ...learn more

BPL to Host University of Maryland's Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson for the Opening of Both Sides of the Lens: Photographs by the Shackelford Family, Fayette County, Alabama (1900-1935) , July 24

The Birmingham Public Library will host an opening reception for Both Sides of the Lens on July 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the Arrington Auditorium. Dr. Psyche Williams-Forson, Associate Professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, who has worked closely with the library to develop the exhibition, will speak about how photographs and other illustrations are used to reveal black history and culture. ...learn more

Book Review: The Monster of Florence

True crime writing craves a great setting for a great crime. The Zodiac Killer and San Francisco, Boston and its Strangler, and London’s Jack the Ripper are all intertwined in popular imagination. And, while many know the fictional character Hannibal Lector (and some will recall his murderous career in Florence, Italy), few outside of Italy know of the terrible inspiration for Hannibal, Il Mostro, the Monster of Florence.
...learn more

July 13, 2012
Birmingham Public Library
2100 Park Place
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
(205) 226-3600

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