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subject : Talladega County (Ala.)--Maps
Approximate date determined by address of business.; Shows section numbers and land divisions by grid.; Shows towns, creeks, churches, schools, railroads, and roads.
Whitson, Bethel W. (creator)
Photocopy.; Probably a program insert prepared for the Alabama Historical Society.; Many notes regarding the town and its history.
Jackson, Mary Watters (creator)
1986; 19uu
Date taken from acquisition record.; Relief shown pictorially.; Map on upper half of page. Description of natural resources and support industries on lower half.; Shows property owners, railroad, creeks, bridges.; Includes range, township and section lines.; Shows streets, railroads, street railroads, residential lots, industrial sites, churches, survey details, etc.; The town of "Irona" was proposed, but not developed.
Cruikshank, M.H. (creator)
Includes indexes, telephone points of interest, photographs, ads, etc.; Inset maps: downtown Talladega, Lincoln, and Munford.
Mosher-Adams Inc. (creator)
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