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subject : Walker County (Ala.)--Maps
Shows section numbers and land divisions by grid.; Legends show road paving conditions.; Table lists precincts and their population for 1910, 1920, 1930.; Shows mines, churches, schools, creeks, roads and railroads.
Bethel W. Whitson Co. Inc. (creator)
Cemeteries locations shown by numerical index.; Shows towns and roads.
University of Alabama. Cartographic Research Laboratory. (creator)
Gravlee, Gene.; University of Alabama. (contributor)
Also shows schools for grades K-12.; Panel title.; Alternate title: Road map of Walker County, Alabama.; At head of panel title: A Carto-Craft Corporation map.; Includes index to roads and advertisements.; Sketch map of Walker County and vicinity, index, community information, and advertisements on verso.
Lang, Kurt. (creator)
Carto-Craft Map Co. (contributor)
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