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subject : West Indies--Maps--Early works to 1800
Popple based his map on firsthand information gathered over several years at the Board of Trade and Plantations. The map, first issued in London on twenty sheets in 1733, was the first large-scale British map to provide an overall view of the eastern half of North America. As tensions grew between the colonial powers, the map became immensely influential throughout Europe and was copied by several cartographers. Covens & Mortier's version is very desirable due to its smaller size and the fact that each map is completely enclosed within its own border, so that it stands on its own without the other sheets. This is the southeast sheet of the Dutch, four-part, version of Henry Popple's important map of the British Empire in North America published by Covens and Mortier. It covers the region from Bermuda through the Antilles to the north coast of South America.; Prime meridian: London; Portions of the map are in English.; Shows direction of prevailing winds, an ornate compass rose, sailing ships, and a sea battle between a British squadron under Charles Wager and the Spanish treasure fleet off Cartagena.; Relief shown pictorially.
Jon Cóvens & Corneille Mortier (publisher)
Popple, Henry, d. 1743. (creator)
Condet, Johannes, 1711-1781.; L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726.; Cóvens et Mortier. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: London and Ferro.; Date in printer statement, in lower right margin: August 15th 1786.; Includes notes and insets of "A particular map of Baffin and Hudson's Bay" and "The passage by land to California ..."; Library's copy consists of halves of two maps joined. The two right neat lines do not align, but all portions of the map do.
Printed for Robt. Sayer (publisher)
Pownall, Thomas, 1722-1805. (creator)
Sayer, Robert, 1725-1794. (contributor)
Covers Mexico, Central America, the southern U.S., and northern South America.; Relief shown pictorially.; "12th. May, 1794."; Prime meridian: London.; Hand colored.; Title in decorative cartouche.
Laurie & Whittle (publisher)
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782. (creator)
Robert Laurie and James Whittle. (contributor)
Map has one compass rose. The title panel is in the lower left corner.; Shows lands around the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean area. Names cities and rivers.; Relief shown by soundings.; From an unidentified edition of English Pilot.
Sold by Richard & William Mount and Thomas Page on Tower Hill (publisher)
Mount, Richard, d. 1722.; Mount, William, d. 1769.; Page, Thomas, d. 1733. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially. Depths shown by soundings.
W. Faden (publisher)
Delarochette, L. (Louis), 1731-1802. (creator)
Faden, William, 1749-1836. (contributor)
September 22d, 1796
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: London.; "Printed for Tho: Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard and Iohn Bowles at the Black Horse in Cornhill."; "To Wil. Paterson, Esq; this map of the West Indies &c. is most humbly dedicated by Her. Moll, geographer."; Insets: La Vera Cruz.--A draught of ye bay & citty of Havana.--[The bay of Porto Bella]--A draught of St. Augustin and its harbour.--A draught of ye citty of Cartagena its harbour & forts.--The city of Mexico in New Spain.
Printed for Tho. Bowles (publisher)
Moll, Herman, -1732. (creator)
Bowles, Thomas, -1767. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: Ferro.
Dunn, Samuel, -1794, (creator)
Sayer, Robert, 1725-1794,; Laurie & Whittle. (contributor)
10 June 1786.
Covers Atlantic coast of North America from Newfoundland to Florida, Gulf Coast, Caribbean Region and northern coasts of South America.; Shows shallow banks.; "Johannes van Keulen, boek en zee kaart verkoper en graadboogh maaker aande Niewe-brugh inde Gekroonde Lootsman, met privilegie voor 15 iaaren."; Oriented with north to the right.; Outline color.; Includes decorative cartouche and rhumb lines.
Johannes van Keulen (publisher)
Keulen, Johannes van, fl. 1726-1753. (creator)
Vooght, Claes Janszoon, d. 1696. (contributor)
[between 1680 and 1696?]
Prime meridians: Ferro and London.; Relief shown pictorially.; "Engraved for Guthrie's new System of Geography" at top center.; "Published... January 1, 1785 by C. Dilly & G. Robinson, London" at bottom center.; "British Statute Miles 69 to a Degree."; Also shows southern United States, Mexico, Central America, and northern South America.
C. Dilly & G. Robinson (publisher)
Guthrie, William, 1708-1770. (creator)
Prime meridian: London; Relief shown pictorially.; Includes explanatory notes.; Also shows southern United States, Central America, and northern South America.; "Where may be had just publish'd for the use of the curious as well as students, in one vol: 8 vo., Geography reformed; or, A new system of general geography, according to an accurate analysis of ye science; augmented with several necessary branches omitted by former authors in 4 parts to which is added a copious index, answering ye end of a geographical dictionary."
Printed for E. Cave (publisher)
Bowen, Emanuel, -1767. (creator)
Cave, E. (contributor)
Shows sailing tracks, currents, shoals, etc.; includes historical notes and ornamental cartouche.; Relief shown pictorially.; "No. 57."; From: A complete system of geography. London : Printed for W. Innys, R. Ware [etc.], 1747.
[Printed for W. Innys, R. Ware] (publisher)
Bowen, Emanuel, -1767. (creator)
Bowen, Emanuel, -1767. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: London.; Map shows landforms, drainage, cities, prevailing winds, and other landmarks.; Also shows southern United States, Central America, and northern South America.; "Where may be had just publish'd for the use of the curious as well as students, in one vol: 8 vo., Geography reformed; or, A new system of general geography, according to an accurate analysis of ye science; augmented with several necessary branches omitted by former authors in 4 parts to which is added a copious index, answering ye end of a geographical dictionary."--Along bottom margin.; Includes explanatory notes.; Detached from and originally published in: The Gentleman's magazine, v. 10, Jan. 1740, opp. pg. 3.
Printed for E. Cave (publisher)
Bowen, Emanuel, -1767. (creator)
Cave, Edward, 1691-1754, (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: Ferro.; In upper right margin: Vol. 1.; Watermarks
Published according to Act of Parliamt., Septr. 29th 1777 by W. Strahan and T. Cadell in the Strand (publisher)
Kitchin, Thomas, 1718-1784. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridians: London and Ferro.; At top of map in margin: Engraved for Millar's New Complete & Universal System of Geography.
Printed for Allex. Hogg (publisher)
Kitchin, Thomas, 1718-1784. (creator)
Hogg, Alexander, active 1778-1819.; Millar, George Henry (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; Text inside ornate cartouche on first map.; Plate no. 8 from Ortelius' Theatrum orbis terrarum.; Verso: (text) "Cvlicana provincia" and "Cvba et Spagniola" and "8"
Christopher Plantin (publisher)
Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598. (creator)
Plantin, Christophe, approximately 1520-1589. (contributor)
Date taken from Espejo reference.; Multiple scales shown. Scale cited is taken from Espejo reference.; Relief shown pictorially.; Illustrations include ships, land and sea life, crops, and people. One person wears a hat and is examining a model ship.; Rhome lines.
Gerard van Keulen (publisher)
Keulen, Gerard van (creator)
Vooght, Claes Janszoon, -1696.; Sikkena, Jan. (contributor)
Copper engraving.; Relief represented pictorially.; Shows the West Indies and Florida, portions of what became the southern United States, Central America and northern South America.; Title in ornate strapwork cartouche with cherubs and birds. Decorative flower border around perimeter of map.; Includes coat of arms in top left corner, historical notes, sailing ships, sea monsters and compass rose on the Tropic of Cancer line.; Shows longitude coordinates, latitude coordinates estimated and derived from a modern map of the area. Geographic coordinates converted to Greenwich.; Map is believed to be based on the charts of Girolamo Benzoni, who explored the New World between 1541 and 1556. Florida is derived from the Le Moyne map of 1591. It is one of the earliest maps to detail northern South America and one of the few Caribbean maps of the period. The islands of the West Indies are represented disproportionately large, and the Bahamas with the Islands Bahama and Lucaya are placed too far north.; Scale from source.; Publisher's information from Church catalogue.; Appears in: Americae pars quarta, de Bry's part IV of his Grands Voyages. Editions were published in 1594, 1613 and 1644.
Bry, Theodor de, 1528-1598, (creator)
Benzoni, Girolamo, 1519-; Feyerabend, Johann, 1550-1599, (contributor)
anno M D XCIIII, [1594].
At upper right in lower right corner of title box: Tom: VI, no. 27, pag: 101.; Box at lower left contains remarks on Mexico and Florida.; Relief shown pictorially.; Shows political boundaries, areas of Indian habitation, cities, towns, ports, rivers, and notable physical features for North America from the Great Lakes and New England in the north to the Sea of California, all of New Spain, the West Indies, and the northwest coast of South America; "Floride" encompassing the [modern-day] southeastern states and the majority of [modern-day] Texas and Oklahoma.; This is a reduced version of Guillaume de L'Isle's 1703 Carte du Mexique et de la Florida. According to Koeman, the map appeared in Vol. VI of the 1719 and 1732 editions of Chatelain's Atlas Historique. Library also holds the uncolored 1732 printing. The worn quality of the plate used in 1719 is evident.
Chatelain (publisher)
Chatelain, Henri Abraham. (creator)
Relief shown by hachures.; Shows provinces of New Spain, areas of Indian habitation, settlements, and notable physical features.; Inset: Isles Açores ou Tercères.; In lower left: les Audiences de Guadalajara, de Mexico, et de Guatimala, forment Le Mexique ou La Nouvelle Espagne.; On verso: 44.
[publisher not identified] (publisher)
Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, 1688-1766. (creator)
Dussy, E.; Arrivet, J. (contributor)
[between 1760 and 1776]
Prime meridian:[Ferro].; Engraved by: C. Simonneau.; Below neat line at right: Ph. Buache ... avec privilege du roi.; Below cartouche: Avec privilege du roi, 1783.; Reissue of original L'Isle plate of 1703 with Buache and Dezauche imprint, change of title, and other alterations, including boundaries of United States.; Color key added at bottom to identify boundaries of respective nations or their colonies.
Dezauche, rue des Noyers (publisher)
L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726. (creator)
Simonneau, Charles, 1645-1728.; Buache, Philippe, 1700-1773.; Dezauche, Jean Claude, active 1770-1824. (contributor)
Prime meridian: London.; Top margin shows longitude; bottom margin shows "hours west from London".
[publisher not identified] (publisher)
Bowen, Thomas, -1790. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: Ferro.; Second edition, engraved by Gaspar Bouttats and dedicated to King William III of England.; Appears in Hennepin's Nouveau voyage ... Utrecht : A. Schouten, 1698. Cf. Phillips Maps of America, p. 564.; Includes decorative cartouche, inset showing "Partie de l'Asie" and "Terre de Jesso," and ill.; Shows area from Hudson Bay to northern South America.; Watermark.
Chez Antoine Schouten (publisher)
Bouttats, Gaspard, approximately 1640- (creator)
Hennepin, Louis, active 17th century. (contributor)
Prime meridian: Paris; Relief shown pictorially.; In bottom left margin: "Tome XII, in 4°, no. 1."; In bottom right margin: "Tome 10, in 8°, page 1."; Shows southern United States, eastern Mexico, Central America, northern South America, and West Indies.; Shows routes of Ponce de Leon in 1512, of Cortes in 1519, and of Hernandez de Cordoba in 1517.
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772. (creator)
286 added in manuscript.; Accompanied by sheet of text titled "Description des Isles Antilles par N. de Fer", numbered 287 in manuscript; Latitude and longitude given for Panama and St. Domingue.; Shows area from Bahama to northern coast of South America.
Chez l'Auteur dans l'Isle du Palais a la Sphere Royale.... (publisher)
Fer, Nicolas de, 1646-1720. (creator)
Relief shown pictorially. Depths shown by soundings.; Hand colored.
[Dépost des cartes, plans et journaux de la marine] (publisher)
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772. (creator)
Choiseul, Etienne-François, duc de, 1719-1785.; France. Dépôt des cartes et plans de la marine. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; "No. 1 (Hyd. no. 71)."; "Pr. trois lures."; Includes 4 views.
Chastenet, Jacques de, comte de Puiségur. (creator)
France. Dépôt des cartes et plans de la marine. (contributor)
Prime meridian: Ferro; Relief shown pictorially.; In Dutch and French.; From an unidentified edition of Atlas nouveau et curieux de plus célèbres itinéraires.; Pag:49 in upper right corner of border.; Vytgeroerd to Leyden door Pieter Vander A.A. met Priviledgie; Alonzo d' Ojeda in lower right margin.
Pierre vander Aa (publisher)
Aa, Pieter van der, 1659-1733. (creator)
Vázquez de Ayllón, Lucas, 1480?-; Ojeda, Alonso de, approximately 1466-approximately 1515. (contributor)
Relief shown pictorially.; "Cvba, Hispaniola, &c. 880" at left of map (top of page).; "Gggg 4" at right of map (bottom of page).; Maps in Latin; text on verso in English.
J. Hondius (publisher)
Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. (creator)
Hondius, Jodocus, 1563-1612. (contributor)
Lettered key for major buildings and waterways.; Manuscript "16" on verso.; Table of regional city names.; Relief show pictorially.; Prime meridian: Ferro.; Liebaux sculp.
Chez l'autheur, en l'isle du palais, sur le Quay de l'Orloge (publisher)
Duval, P. (Pierre), 1619-1682. (creator)
Liebaux. (contributor)
Also shows southeastern coastline of North America, eastern Mexico, Central America, and the northern tip of South America.; Relief shown pictorially.; Prime meridian: London.; Hand-colored.; Title statement surrounded by double circles.; Acquisition record indicates that the map is from a 1772 edition of Town and Country Magazine, London, 1772.
Town and Country Magazine (publisher)
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