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The Student Financial Aid subject page serves as a guide to library resources that may be used to help you locate, evaluate, and utilize information about grants, scholarships, and loans. The page is divided into three sections - library catalog subjects, library databases, and internet websites. The library catalog subjects will lead you to books owned by one or more of the public libraries in Jefferson County. Library databases may be accessed in a public library or from your own computer if you have a valid library card. Internet websites can be accessed from any computer.
CareerCruising features career guidance information, schools database, financial aid information, portofolio tool, employment resources and other assessments. This resource is applicable to middle school students exploring future career options as well as potential college students and job seekers. Create a CareerCruising profile to build a customized plan or build a resume.
Requires a JCLC card and residence in Birmingham, AL.
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Ferguson's Career Guidance Center is a comprehensive career research database, providing detailed and up-to-date profiles of more than 2,050 of today's most popular jobs in more than 94 industries. This database now contains hundreds of new, in-depth job and industry descriptions; as well as a searchable archive of articles from current and past issues of Career Opportunities News, a 16-page, bi-monthly newsletter that provides timely information about colleges and the job market. Organized by industry, Ferguson's Career Guidance Center covers careers and career resources, as well as career preparation information, including scholarships, academic programs, non-academic programs, web resources, and an employability skills checklist. An extensive "Four Steps to a New Job" section provides invaluable guidance on everything from choosing a career to finding and applying for a job to learning about employment benefits and laws.
Requires a JCLC card and residence in Birmingham, AL.
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Alabama Resources
This website provides links to financial aid resources and information maintained by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.
The Blueprints College Access Initiative is a college access program sponsored by Alabama Possible. It connects 21st century high school students and their families with resources and relationships so that they are equipped to graduate from high school college and career ready. The Blueprints webpage includes information about preparing for college, applying for college, and paying for college.
National Resources was created to be a comprehensive accreditation resource for anyone in the process of selecting a college. The purpose of the website is to help prospective students make informed decisions about which college to attend and avoid being saddled with student loans and worthless degrees from “diploma mills.” In the section of the website entitled, School Resources & Learning Center, there is a subsection entitled, Financial Aid and Scholarships.
The website, which is maintained by the staff of U.S. News and World Report, provides tips, tools, and expert advice can help students navigate student loans, scholarships, grants, the FAFSA, and overall financial aid planning.
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