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Biographies, bibliographies, and critical analysis of more than 120,000 literary figures from all time periods in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, history, journalism, etc. Full-text, excerpted, and commissioned essays. Explanations and overviews of prominent literary works. Links to about 5,000 Web sites on major authors and their works. Timeline placing literature within historical context. 2,300 author portraits. Search by author, title, genre, literary movement or theme.
Requires a JCLC card.
LitFinder provides the opportunity to study great literary works by offering access to more than 135,000 full-text poems, stories, and plays.
Requires a JCLC card.
An excellent introduction to the gods, heroes, and monsters that populate Greek mythology. The site is divided into four sections: Gods, Heroes, Today, and Encyclopedia.
In addition to covering Greek and Roman mythology, Bulfinch's opus offers the legends of King Arthur, Robin Hood, and romantic fables from the days of Charlemagne. The entire text is available here.
Suitable for Middle School, High School, Public Library
This is an exhaustive encyclopedia with more than 6,100 entries profiling the heroes, deities, fearsome creatures, and other beings of myths and folktales from all corners of the globe. Areas include Mythology, Folklore, Bestiary, Heroes, Image Gallery, Genealogy, and Featured Items.
Suitable for Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Public Library
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