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Recounts the story of the birth of philosophy, spanning more than a thousand years and offering a genuine understanding and insightful critique of the work of philosophers including Thales, Socrates, Epictetus, Pythagoras, and Augustine, among others.
Heres a lively, hilarious, not-so-reverent crash course through the great philosophical traditions, schools, concepts, and thinkers. It's Philosophy 101 for those who know not to take all this heavy stuff too seriously.
Baggini succinctly breaks down six answers people commonly suggest when considering what life is all about--helping others, serving humanity, being happy, becoming successful, enjoying each day as if it were the last, and freeing one's mind.
In a perceptive philosophical study, the award-winning novelist examines the role of humankind in the universe, addressing such concepts as the existence of time and space, relativity, and language in terms of the question of what the universe would be like if human beings were not around to observe or interpret it.
Reference Books
The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy is the most ambitious international philosophy project for a generation. It is the first multi-volume encyclopedia to be published in the field for thirty years and the first ever to be published in both print and electronic formats.
World Philosophy: Essay-Reviews of 225 Major Works provides substantial scholarly examinations of most of the key works needed to understand the major trends in world philosophy from ancient Greece to the mid-20th century.
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