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Library Magazines
A source of reviews for high-end audio equipment and music CDs covering classical, popular, jazz, and film music. Reviews emphasize the sound quality and production of recordings. Articles discuss both classical and popular music in detail.
This publication devoted to jazz, blues, and other improvised music features news, interviews and biographies of artists, reports on new talent, and reviews of performances, products, and CDs.
Aimed at teens and young adults, this magazine on contemporary rock and culture features brief articles on film, fashion, art, politics, and music as well as band profiles, trends, and music reviews.
Of interest to players and makers of the double bass, violin, viola, and cello, this magazine provides tips on practicing, information on particular makers of instruments, performance issues, interviews with performers, and reviews of books, CDs, and performances.
Library Magazines that are full-text on databases
This journal on American music features articles on prominent composers, performers, and institutions in American music. Each issue also includes recording reviews.
Contains reviews of classical recordings arranged by composer and reviews of collections arranged by genre. The reviews reflect personal impressions of the music and don't address the technical aspects of production.
This music industry source provides current information on what the public is buying and listening to in every music category. It reports on entertainment trends, legal concerns, marketing, live performances, media formats, performing artists, national and regional music scenes, and technological developments.
Published by The Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College in Chicago, this journal provides a forum for scholarship about the history, criticism, philosophy, and aesthetics of Black music.
Designed for both amateur and professional guitar players, this magazine features interviews with leading guitarists, product reviews, song transcriptions, and guitar lessons. Its focus is blues-rock, jazz, and heavy metal.
This journal of music education presents study and teaching methods for all aspects of music education and examines trends and teaching techniques in schools, colleges, and universities.
The quarterly journal of the Music Library Association provides information on trends and events in music publishing and music librarianship. Each issue includes a large number of book, music, and CD reviews.
This publication of the Metropolitan Opera features historical background articles, interviews with singers and conductors, and reviews of books, recordings, videos, and opera performances around the world. Plot summaries and cast lists for weekly Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts are also included.
Offers the latest news about pop culture, music, celebrities, and politics. Includes music, film, and book reviews.
A folksong magazine which seeks to make folk music a part of everyday life. Complete lead sheets for traditional and contemporary folk songs are included in each issue along with articles on songwriting, storytelling, and reviews of books and recordings.
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