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On the night of March 26, 1938, nuclear physicist Ettore Majorana boarded a ship, cash and passport in hand. He was never seen again. In A Brilliant Darkness, theoretical physicist João Magueijo tells the story of Majorana and his research group, “the Via Panisperna Boys,” who discovered atomic fission in 1934. As Majorana, the most brilliant of the group, began to realize the implications of what they had found, he became increasingly unstable. Did he commit suicide that night in Palermo? Was he kidnapped? Did he stage his own death?
Megumi is a great tennis player but not so great at physics. Fortunately, Ryota, the stereotypical geek with a crush on Megumi, offers to help her with physics concepts. Using things Megumi already understands, like tennis and rollerblading, Ryota covers the basics of physics, including action and reaction, force and motion, momentum, and energy.
The question posed in Schweber's preface is intriguing: "How did Einstein and Oppenheimer try to remain relevant after they had made their singular contributions?"
Already a bestseller in Germany, this book examines the enigma of the blue sky, a phenomenon pursued from Aristotle to medieval Arab philosophers to Renaissance thinkers and present-day planetologists.
Can any one theory account for everything in the universe? Barrow gets right down to fundamental issues in addressing this central question in modern science. He breaks his subject into eight key areas: laws of Nature, initial conditions, forces and particles, constants, broken symmetries, organizing principles, selection biases and categories of thought.
Introduces the basic principles of physics, including classical mechanics, quantum physics, electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics, relativity, and light; discusses the history behind their discovery; and explores their practical applications.
Presents a comprehensive encyclopedia containing over seven thousand articles covering all aspects of science and technology.
Each volume offers full-color diagrams, graphs, charts, and maps on every page that illustrate the essential elements of the subject, while parallel text provides key definitions and step-by-step explanations.
Offers a simple definition, followed by a detailed treatment, and additional reading suggestions for more than 8,000 scientific topics and subjects.
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