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Searchable site provides information about the nation's weather forecast, climate change, marine navigation, fisheries, protection of endangered ocean species, artificial satellites, and scientific research to understand and preserve the environment. Also provides access to NOAA magazine.
"Delivers comprehensive weather information for 80,000 locations worldwide and provides relevant content to help users plan for everyday life."
For Weather Channel junkies, amateur meteorologists, and storm chasers alike, The AMS Weather Book is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to better understand how weather works and how it affects our lives.
Whether it is used as an icebreaker in conversation or as the subject of serious inquiry, “the weather” is one of the few subjects that everyone talks about. And though we recognize the faces that bring us the weather on television, how government meteorologists and forecasters go about their jobs is rarely scrutinized. Given recent weather-related disasters, it’s time we find out more. In Authors of the Storm, Gary Alan Fine offers an inside look at how meteorologists and forecasters predict the weather.
Presents more than 1,400 cross-referenced entries on a range of topics related to weather and climate, plus appendices with information on notable people, laws, ocean currents, disasters, and discoveries.
Looks at the history of meteology and climatology throughout the twentieth-century.
On May 3, 1999, one of the most powerful tornadoes ever recorded carved a path of complete destruction near Oklahoma City. NOVA follows stormchasers as they probe the tornado's deadly secrets.
This BBC production will blow you away with rare footage, stunning graphics, and incredible tales of Mother Nature. Experience our planet's most powerful forces, from the deadly heat of the Sahara to the force-12 winds of a hurricane and the unstoppableenergy of a bolt of lightning. Join investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre as he is blasted, roasted, frozen and soaked on his expedition to the heart of the Weather.
Weatherwise features fascinating articles and spectacular color photographs that showcase the power, beauty, and excitement of weather. Weatherwise articles present the latest discoveries and hottest issues in meteorology and climatology and focus on the relation of weather to technology, history, culture, art, and society.
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