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Jun. 28, 2011
A survivor's guide outlines multiple approaches to preventing subsequent heart attacks, counseling women on a wide range of topics, from recuperation and blood pressure to weight control and exercise, in a resource that also shares advice on emergency steps to take in the event of another heart attack.
Introduce the principles of a heart-healthy lifestyle that combines an easy-to-follow program for preventing heart disease with 150 recipes, recommended foods for three different caloric diets, and suggested meal plans.
A innovative five-week program that introduces a heart-healthy approach to living for women of color combines the latest research into nutrition, diet, exercise, and stress reduction with an emphasis on community, culture, family, and total lifestyle in order to reduce the risk of cardiac disease.
Two distinguished cardiologists draw on the latest medical research to explore the role of inflammation and bacterial infection in heart disease, introducing a comprehensive, personalized program designed to help manage multiple risk factors and prevent--or reverse--arterial inflammation and plaque build up.
Take charge of your heart health today. The New Heart Disease Handbook provides you with all the information you need to safeguard your heart. And even after a heart disease has been diagnosed, this practical reference book can be used to take positive action—to control the illness, minimize its effects, and have a say in the selection of the best possible treatment.
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