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Social Networking
Provides information on using the social networking site Twitter, covering such topics as setting up an account, building an audience, Twitter etiquette, and using Twitter on a browser, desktop, and phone.
A guide to audio and video podcasting covers such topics as developing a podcast, podcasting equipment and tools, recording a podcast, encoding software, the video and audio editing process, getting listed in podcast directories, the podcast community, and making money with podcasting.
A guide to using the online social network provides information on creating a profile, communicating with friends, using Facebook applications, and using Facebook to improve one's business.
Explains how to view, upload, and share videos with friends and the Internet community using the YouTube website.
Covers the whole gamut of popular social-networking sites, from Facebook, with its more than three hundred million users, to the celebrity-frequented Twitter and beyond.
Tagging is fast becoming one of the primary ways people organize and manage digital information. This book explores how tagging works and when it can be used to improve the user experience.
The first compilation of the World Wide Web's most colorful and innovative blogs offers a definitive introduction to the blogosphere with works by famous and unknown bloggers alike, including humorists, feminists, diarists, photographers, expatriates, gossipmongers, soldiers, physicists, muckrakers, and many more.
This book provides hands-on, start-to-finish guidance for business and IT decision-makers who want to drive value from Web 2.0 and social networking technologies.
Computer Security
The luminaries and pioneers of network security take readers beyond the headlines, hype, and hearsay to provide insight into why new measures are being undertaken and how they work.
An expert in information security shows how to keep home and small business networks, and data, safe from thieves and glitches.
A straightforward, graphic-based reference work for network security for the home and small business, this guide teaches users network security fundamentals, how to design secure strategies for the home, and how to optimize network security as needs change.
Is It Safe? addresses the new generation of security threat. It presents information about each type of threat and then discusses ways to minimize and recover from those threats.
Network security is constantly evolving, and this comprehensive guide has been thoroughly updated to cover the newest developments. If you are responsible for network security, this is the reference you need at your side.
Provides information on creating security policies, communicating policies to users, and effectively deploying a network security monitoring system.
Provides information on ways to defend Rails applications from attacks.
A complete overview on designing and configuring SSL Virtual Private Networks furnishes a detailed introduction to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as a protocol and the elements of an SSL VPN; coverage of SSL VPN design considerations in terms of endpoint security, device placement, availability, scalability, integrated security services, and performance; configuration on ASA appliances and IOS routers; and management of an SSL VPN solution.
Covers a variety of computer security issues, including anti-virus software, authentication, patch management, identity theft, and application security.
Apple / Macintosh
Provides information on using AppleScript, the scripting language for Macintosh, to automate a variety of daily computing tasks and workflow processes.
Provides information on setting up and customizing a Mac and using its tools and applications, including iTunes, Mail, Safari, iLife, and iWork.
Provides information for users who are transitioning from Linux to Mac OS, covering such topics as filesystems, dual-booting, Mac tools, system administration, backup, security, and Xcode.
Furnishing a comprehensive technical overview of deploying Mac OS X files and systems, this practical, Apple-certified handbook provides step-by-step, task-based instructions for a variety of real-world applications and serves as a helpful study guide for the Apple Certified System Administrator certification exam.
Exposes undocumented keyboard shortcuts, hidden secrets, and more efficient ways of performing tasks.
Provides information on using Microsoft Office 2008 with a Mac, covering the features and functions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Entourage.
A task-oriented, friendly, hands-on, and practical guide to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Rather than focus each chapter on a specific program or feature of Mac OS (as most beginner books do), Wallace Wang takes a project-oriented approach that mirrors the sorts of things people want to do with their Mac.
Presents step-by-step instructions on using the applications in Office 2008, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage, Project Gallery, and Messenger, with a Mac.
In-depth guide to all aspects of handling Apple's newest big cat
For readers switching from a Windows PC to a Mac, this incomparable guide delivers what new users need to know to successfully and painlessly move to a new system.
Computer Program Language
Provides information on building Web applications using PHP and MySQL, covering such topics as syntax and variables, string handling, arrays, number handling, SQL, Web forms, object-oriented programming, and Regular Expressions.
In this updated edition of the Jolt Award-winning book, users are shown a new approach to Web development using Rails 2, making this the most up-to-date and authoritative Rails book out there.
Computers are used in every part of science from ecology to particle physics. This introduction to computer science using Python continually reinforces those ties by using real-world science problems as examples.
Using the Deitel live-code approach, describes the features and functions of the C++ programming language and the C++ Standard Libraries, and includes more than two hundred C++ applications and code.
This book covers all the "need to know" contributed modules in a practical, hands-on way. For beginners, there is step-by-step hand-holding. For advanced users, there is coverage on all the major "gotta know" contributed modules, so they can increase the number of tools at their disposal for their next project.
Provides lessons, quizzes, and exercises that cover the basics of Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 to create interfaces and applications.
A guide to learning both Ruby and Rails from a PHP developers perspective, this book also includes two extensive reference chapters that map the most common PHP tasks to their equivalents in the Ruby and Rails world.
Open Source
Provides information on the features and function of OpenOffice 3 to create documents, spreadsheets, databases, slideshows, Web pages, and graphics.
Provides information on using Google Android phones, covering such topics as phone basics, adding Calendar appointments, using Gmail, taking photographs, watching videos, using Google Maps, and listening to music.
Describes a variety of free Windows software, including tools for Web browsing, instant messaging, security, and office productivity.
An ideal book and companion Web site for multitasked security professionals and IT managers reveals how to secure corporate networks using the ten most popular tools including Snort, Nessus, Wireshark, Nmap, and Kismet on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.
Computer Programs
Provides information on the features and function of the computer programming language Alice.
"Adobe AIR in Action" introduces AIR to developers familiar with Flex and JavaScript, showing them how to build solid AIR-driven desktop and hybrid applications. Using short examples, the expert authors walk Web developers through each topic.
Explains how to effectively utilize the integrated software package, covering Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access.
Explains how to use the small business finance program to prepare and print invoices, produce income statements and cash flow reports, manage payroll, write checks, pay bills, and monitor inventory.
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