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ESPN has compiled an extensive collection of facts and figures about college football. Here you will find profiles of college football programs, complete bowl game summaries, lists of award winners, annual schedules, records, & statistical leaders, and essays about college football.
Authorized by the NFL, this record book provides a chronological history of professional football since 1869, a digest of NFL rules, all-time team vs. team results, game-by-game summaries of the season, all-time individual and team records, and season statistics.
Written by James Quirk, a retired Economics professor at Caltech, this guide includes Bowl Game results, All-American teams, player awards, Division I-A team records, and major college football conference standings up through the 2003 season.
Features the national championship game between Alabama's Crimson Tide and the Texas Longhorns.
Features the national championship game between Auburn's Tigers and the Oregon Ducks.
Every NFL fan has favorite memories from the Super Bowl. This DVD features highlights from the first four decades of the Super Bowl. Perhaps your favorite moment is included.
The SEC has won the national championship for the last two seasons. See how this conference became such a strong football power.
With cable and satellite, there are so many options for watching NFL games now. But if you want to see footage from some of the earliest televised games, you have to take a look inside the NFL vault. This 3-disc DVD series allows you to enjoy some of the football greats from the past. The link to the Catalog is for the first disc in the series.
This 5-disc DVD series invites the viewer into the rich and storied history of college football. The famous players, rivalries, and historic moments that fans have treasured for years are brought together in one place. Take a look back and see why fans have always treasured Saturday afternoons in the Fall.
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